Day 1: 6th Oct, 2018

Program Chairpersons
8.00 – 9.00 am Registration
9.00 – 10.00 am Inauguration (Hall A)
10.00 -10.30 am High Tea
10.30-11.00am Presidential Address (Hall A)
Recent Developments in Indian Psychiatry: Surging from Illness to Wellness (Brahmdeep Sindhu, President-Elect, NZ-IPS)
  Ajeet Sidana
11.00am-13.00 pm Award Paper Session (Hall A)
  • Dr. AK Kala Award Session
  • Dr. Buckshey Award Session
Dr. GC Boral Award Session
  RC Jiloha, Brahmdeep Sindhu
RK Solanki, DM Mathur
Priti Arun, Tushar Jagawat
13.00-13.30 pm LUNCH  
13.30- 15.30 pm Brainstorming Session (Hall A)
WORKSHOP- MHCA, 2017: Pragmatics & Challenges related to its Implementation
(Suresh BM, NIMHANS, Bengaluru & BK Waraich, Chandigarh)
  Roop Sidana, Rajesh Sagar
15.30 -16.30pm  Invited Lecture-1 (Hall A)
The Conundrum of Acculturation, Family, and Society in the Assessment of Personality Disorders in India
(Ajit Bhide, President, IPS, Bengaluru) Invited Lecture-2 (Hall A)
Promoting the Health of the Homeless Mentally Ill: Learning from the IHBAS Experience (NG Desai, IHBAS, New Delhi) Free (Oral) Paper Session I (Hall B) Free (Oral) Paper Session II (Hall C)
  BS Shekhawat, SK Verma     RS Murthy, Rajiv Gupta   Rajeev Aggarwal, Manish Bhatla Jitender Aneja, Arvind Sharma
16.30-18.00 pm
(Tea to be served in the hall)
[Invited] Symposium (Hall A)
Metabolic Syndrome in India: The Challenges Posed and the Pathways to be Paved!
  • The Epidemic of Metabolic Syndrome: Evidence so far! Rajiv Gupta, Rohtak
  • Resource and Logistic Barriers in Managing Metabolic Syndrome: From Prevention to Cure! Rohit Garg, Patiala
  • Highlighting the Role of Multi- Speciality Liaision in Effective Assessment and Management of Metabolic Syndrome: Naresh Nebhinani, Jodhpur
  • Guideline Development with focus on Evidence Based Approach & Cultural Issues: Rakesh Chadda, AIIMS, New Delhi
[Invited] Workshop-1 (Hall B)
Symposium-1 (Hall C)
The Paradigm of Creativity, Mental Health and Mental Illness
  • The concept of creativity, creative individual and mental health:  Vinay Kumar, Patna
  • The linkages between creativity and mental illness: Siddharth Sarkar, AIIMS, New Delhi
  • How concept of creativity can be used for promotion of mental health and in prevention and management of mental illness: Mamta Sood, AIIMS, New Delhi
    Asim Mallick, TSS Rao           KK Verma, Monica Munjiial Singh
18.00-19.00 pm AGBM (Hall A)  
20.00 pm onwards BANQUET
  Day 2: 7th Oct, 2018

09.00-10.30 am
[Invited] Workshop-2 (Hall A)
Management Issues in the “Forgetful, Confused and Neglected” Elderly (Sandeep Grover, PGIMER, Chandigarh & Subhash Das, GMCH, Chandigarh) [Invited] Workshop-3 (Hall B)
Creating a sustainable model of promoting school mental health
(Kavita Arora & Swarnima Bhargava, Children First, New Delhi) Symposium-2 (Hall C)
Drug Addiction in Punjab: Past, Present and Future
  • The Relation of the Present with the Past: Rajeev Gupta & Anshul Mahajan, Ludhiana
  • The Present State of Addiction: PD Garg, Amritsar
  • Drug Addiction in Punjab: Its Future : Sandeep Kumar, Barnala
  Dinesh Kataria, Mamta Singla   Sandhya Ghai, Sukhtej Sahni   Hardeep Singh, Ashwin Mohan
10.30-11.30 am [Free Papers] Poster Session (with Tea Break)  
11.30 am-13.00 pm Invited Lecture-3 (Hall A)
Stress in Adolescence: An Emerging Crisis (PK Dalal, KGMC, Lucknow) Invited Lecture-4 (Hall A)
Pros and Cons on the use of Information Technology for Delivery of Mental Health care through Non-Mental Health Professionals (RS Murthy, Bengaluru) [Invited] Panel Discussion (Hall B)
The Kaleidoscopic Issues related to Sexual Violence and Trauma
  • RC Jiloha, Professor of Psychiatry, HIMSR & HAHC Hospital, New Delhi
  • Rachna Bhargava, Associate Professor of Clinical Psychology, AIIMS, New Delhi
  • Chhaya Sambharya Prasad, Consultant Pediatrician, ASHA Clinic, Chandigarh
  • Dasari Harish, Professor of Forensic Medicine, GMCH-32, Chandigarh
  • Harjinder Kaur, Chairperson, CCPCR, Chandigarh
  • Ashok Kumar Bhandari, Advocate, Member, Juvenile Justice Board, Chandigarh
Symposium-3 (Hall C) 
The Local Culture-Based Community Reactions to Stress and Illness: An ‘Emic’-Based Bird’s Eye Approach!
  • Student Stress, Self-harm, and Suicide in Kota: RK Solanki, Jaipur
  • Handling of Family Conflict in the state of Rajasthan and its Interplay with Conversion Symptoms: KK Verma, Bikaner
  • Stress, Migration, Migrants and Mental Illness in the Kashmir Valley: Ab Maajid, Srinagar
  P Kulhara, Debasish Basu   Savita Malhotra, Deepak Kumar     BS Chavan, Nidhi Malhotra         Paramleen Kaur, Hitesh Khurana
13.00-13.30 pm Valedictory function (Hall A)  
13.30-14.00 pm Lunch