Themes for Presentations

Sr. No. Title
1. Adversity and Psychiatry (Violence & Mental Health, Poverty & Mental Health)
2. Epigenetics in Today's Psychiatry
3. Women's Mental Health
4. Neuroscience, Clinical and Research Topics (including neuropsychiatric disorders)
5. Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
6. Old Age Psychiatry
7. Medically Unexplained Symptoms /Liaison Psychiatry
8. Early Interventions in Psychiatry
9. Digital Psychiatry/Telepsychiatry/Advances in IT in Psychiatry
10. Neuromodulation/Somatic Therapies including ECT, DBS, TMS, tDCS, VNS
11. Psychopharmacology
12. Psychotherapy/ Non-pharmacological therapies
13. Schizophrenia and related Spectrum Disorders
14. Mood Disorders
15. Anxiety Disorders (phobias, panic, OCD, somatoform)
16. Stress-related and Adjustment Disorders
17. Addictions and Behavioural Disorders
18. Primary Care Mental Health
19. Mental Health of Refugees and Displaced Persons, including Homeless
20. Preventing Suicide and Suicidal Behavior
21. Rehabilitation Psychiatry
22. Mental Health and Public Health
23. Ethical Issues in Psychiatry
24. Community Psychiatry
25. Forensic Psychiatry
26. Personality Disorders
27. Eating disorders
28. Miscellaneous/Others